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Unwired Installation CD
Client: Unwired Australia Pty Limited
Platform: Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh OS 9 and OS X
Case Study: Installation CD and customer self-help tools



Unwired, an Australian wireless broadband ISP (Internet Service Provider) was planning to launch its service by the middle of 2004. They required tools to make it easy for end users to connect to the service and to diagnose their own problems. This was required for Windows 98 and later, and for Apple Macintosh OS 9, and OS X 10.1 and later.


Inteweave developed a set of assistants for the end user as follows:

  • Connection Assistant ensures system qualification, sets up the connectivity according to Unwired's specifications and runs a set of tests to ensure end-to-end connectivity.
  • Reception Assistant shows the signal strength for the Unwired modem and gives hints to assist in improving the reception.
  • Email Assistant (Windows only) sets up and checks email accounts in Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook 98, 2000, 2002 (XP) and 2003.
  • Launchpad, a Windows system tray application that provides easy access to the Unwired assistants and services.
  • Release/Renew, a tool to help manage the user's IP Address
  • Web Updater, a tool to check for and download updates to the Unwired suite

The set of assistants are "skinned" so that they have a consistent look and feel; with heavy use of graphics and animations.

The Windows assistants were developed in C++, with the launchpad in standard C to minimise its memory occupation. The installer was authored in XML and created with the open source WiX toolset.

The Mac OS X applications were developed in Objective C (Cocoa), providing a high-quality rapid development.

The Mac OS 9 applications were developed in C++ against the Metrowerks Powerplant framework; giving a very short development cycle with high-quality results.

The applications were delivered as a ISO CD image file. The CD autostarts in Windows, enabling quick installation. On the Macintosh, no installation is required—the assistants can be run directly from the CD.

Review Comments

“Installation is simple and quick: just run the CD and plug in the modem”
Revolutionary broadband: Unwired
PC World 27/10/2004

“If iBurst is simple to install though, Unwired is almost hands-free. We had the service running with about three mouse clicks.”
Unwired and iBurst
PC Authority, November, 2004

“The setup via the supplied CD was, thankfully, a doddle and I was on the net literally three minutes from when I turned the PC on…”
Look Mum, No Wires
Silicon Chip, Issue 194, November 2004

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