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e-bilities Web Site
Client: e-bilities Pty Limited
Platform: Active Server Pages, SQL Server-based web site; Java servlets
Case Study: e-bilities online testing


e-bilities pty ltd is a privately held company whose core business is the sales and distribution of an innovative range of online mental ability tests, which are based on the most contemporary research directions in testing of intellectual functioning.

On recommendation from another Inteweave customer, e-bilities approached Inteweave to maintain and develop their online testing product.

Inteweave has since completed 11 small projects aimed at increasing the range of products, sales methods and the reliability of the e-bilities solution.

These projects include:

  • fixes and modifications to the underlying database design to increase reliabilitiy and introduce new function;
  • fixes to the web site to consistently display asian languages including Thai, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Korean and Vietnamese; and
  • new test batteries including the translations of Java servlets to asian languages.
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