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Inteweave's Approach

At Inteweave we have a proven approach to assessing our clients requirements, documenting project specifications and delivering to meet and exceed expectations.

The key success factors, we feel, to any software development initiative is in the definition of the system specification; the planning of the project and the execution and monitoring of that project plan.


To understand your business, processes and requirements, we meet with all of the software project stakeholders and as many end users as possible. The discussions can be face to face or phone conference.

Following the meetings, a formal quote is delivered detailing Inteweave's understanding of the project, individual approach, costs, timeframes and known risks and mitigations.

Iterative Design, Development and Review

After the initial design is complete, we review and improve the software development, gaining input at all times from the project stakeholders and end users of the software solution.

Testing occurs during the entire process, with formal test plans created and updated to keep track with the changes. Testing is designed to cover as many cases as possible, including those unforeseen by the developers and stakeholders and to ensure that the software completely meets its business requirements.

Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing is the formal means for ensuring that a new system or application actually meets the essential user requirements. This is generally a subset of the formal tests designed to prove the requirements are met, It is run either by the client or by Inteweave testers and viewed by the client.

Software Delivery and Support

Upon completion Inteweave works with the client to ensure consistent and continuous improvement is achieved through the software development's implementation.

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